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A correction

Hey, potential and actual readers! A member of Decode The Design, whom you may remember me mentioning some time ago, just called to my attention that I got some of Decode The Designs history a bit wrong. While I lived under the assumption that Liam Engl was the band founder, he was actually not but joined the band in 2013 and Decode The Design actually exists since 2008. My apologies.

I revisited the post and corrected my mistake. You may take this as a notice of my fallibility (which you very likely already assumed. At least you really should) and a heads up that Decode The Design are still up and kickin’. They are actually working on their debut album right now. So if you overlooked them, go listen to them. They’re great.   

#83 - Always remember those similarities in cover art might not always hold. Teardrown

An interesting one today. As much as I’ve talked about similarities in self-presentation among the significant four, it is maybe worth mentioning from time to time that while covers can be an indicator in regards to genre, they don’t always have to be. For example, many of the similarities between the significant four in logo style and cover art style may, among other things, stem from their similar closeness to the Fear factory/SYL-strain of Industrial Metal. Meaning that bands who are close to other genres or traditions of Metal might rather take parts of their self presentation from there. So, while they might play well recognizable Modern Metal, they may not immediately look like it. Edge Of Haze were such a case, as are The Defiled, Diablo or even Destrage (to some extent).

And so are Teardrown. Judging from the cover art of their recently released album “In Denial”, you might think they play something akin to Finnish Doom-y Melodic Death Metal. And while this intuition is not entirely wrong, as they show quite some Death Metal influences in riffing, slightly symphonic sounding ambiances and clean vocals with very little cheese involved, their base consists of the mechanical riffing, Industrial electronic backdrops, harsh/clean vocal dynamic and Progressive sprinkles that you’d often expect from a Modern Metal band.

And, to take note: They do it really well. Give ‘em a listen:

Aaaand there’s Raunchy.

A few hours after I said they wouldn’t release their new song before next week. Has to be some kind if anti-prophetic vision.

But, well, here it is:

And it is interesting in some ways, I think. This change in lead singer may be the biggest change in tone they’ve had in some time. Thomsen had a distinct style, yes, but his distincet style wasn’t too far off from their first singer Lars Vognstrup. While Jeppe Christensen kinda keeps the clean vocals steady, Semesky brings a slightly different style into the harsh vocal department that doesn’t really carry the rock-snot of his two predecessors but rather sounds like something you’d expect from a Modern Progressive Metal outfit. Not surprising, considering where he comes from. And while that doesn’t really change much of the sound of Raunchys music, actually “Truth Taker” sounds a lot like a song that might have been on “A Discord Electric”, if a bit more metallic, it definitely changes how it feels. I find it hard to put my finger on it. But it sounds a bit more… serious? Slightly more sophisticated? Maybe. Or maybe their cover art is influencing my judgement:

If you think back to my posts on cover art in Modern Metal, you may realize that this is quite a departure from some typical patterns that Raunchy employed in the past.

Anyway, what I am definitely not saying is that this is bad or something. It is mighty interesting. I really want to know how this will affect their overall sound now. How this new feels comes across on an entire album. Or if it’s maybe just this one song. 

Hey, Notti Del Terrore are up to something.

I originaly wanted to bundle this up with Raunchys new song. But as Raunchys new song will only descend on us at some point next week, I think it is fairer to give this its own mention.

You may remember Notti Del Terrore. I recommended them some time ago for their raw, straight forward and slightly punk-infused approach to Neo Thrash and Industrial Metal. They released a video for a new song recently:

And I’m not only posteing this because they mentioned my blog on their Facebook page, mind you. I actually think this song is pretty damn great. It is delightfully uncomplicated and in your face, both in sound and in lyrics. I always find stuff like this to be a nice variation in a field where many artists try to go for a wall of sound approach, to be honest. Sure, I love that approach, but it can get too much very easily.

#82 - Some stuff i found. Burn Out, Exage and Inti Fall

And another bundle post. You know ‘em. Some stuff I’m not sure you’ll really like but I at least tought it’s interesting and people should maybe get the chance to lend it an ear if they can afford the time.

And here’s three works I found on bandcamp in some random searches, which are all intersting in their own right.

This EP here by Burn Out is interesting by virtue of its point in time. It is basically Industrial-ish Metal with very dry stakkato grooves and some second-wave Nu Metal-ish vocals between rap and clean. A bit as if someone took those rap experiments from Fear Factorys “Digimortal” and made an EP off it, about one year later. An early example of Modern Metal with clear roots in Nu Metal, I’d say.

Then there’s this EP here by Inti Fall. Sounds a bit like Threat Signal went full on manic Trancecore. And accidentally pulled a bit too hard on that compression switch. It’s still an interesting blend of Industrial Metal, Nu Metal and some spikes of Digital Hardcore, so if you’re in an aggressive mood do give them a listen.

And here’s the last one. Exage with a recently released album. I’m still not entirely sure if it really fits the bill of this blog, as it mostly moves somewhere between Metalcore and thrashy Newschool Melodeath, with a focus on the latter. It is definitely a neat listen, though, with some really well done clean vocals. So if you’re interested in this kind of stuff, give them a chance. Also, a band that labels itself as Modern Metal. Russian artists seem to do this a lot more freely than many european or american artists. I sometimes wonder why.  

[Off Topic - Dioramic

One to keep this blog afloat while I’m a bit too busy to find motivation for some of the longer posts to come.

Here’s a band that is probably not entirely unknown… but I don’t see them brought up often and that’s actually a shame. Because this German quartet is definitely playing that Progressive Metal/Alternative Metal/Post Hardcore melange far up there with the best. Assimilating influences left and right from Deftones to Periphery, they come across like the more orderedly melodious, less manic brother of Destrage and the likes.

They’ve released three albums in total, their latest, “Supra”, released just recently. And as they’ve been growing better and better with every single one, “Supra” marks a short but thoroughly impressive milestone for them. Never were they this variable, but also never before this catchy.

Have a listen:

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